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I really like that on Android, the tabs I haven't looked at in a while condense into inactive tabs. It makes navigating through recent tabs a little easier. However, a lot of tabs I don't really want to save at all but forgot to close (quick google searches, dozens of Wikipedia pages) also get stored in inactive tabs. There are definitely some tabs I want to keep open even while inactive, but it's time consuming to go through and weed out all the ones I do definitely want to close.

The options for automatically closing tabs currently seems to be all-or-nothing; either you delete every single one after a certain amount of time, or you delete none at all. What I want is to be able to filter which websites will automatically close- so that I can automatically close anything with certain domains I choose, like ""; ""; ""; etc. That way when there are pages I forgot to bookmark but want to sort through, I don't have about 300 google searches in between the pages I do want.

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