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Making moves
Status: New idea

Dear Firefox Team,

One of the features I’ve found particularly useful in other browsers like Opera is the Fast Action Button (FAB) that provides quick access to frequently used actions.

I propose that Firefox consider implementing a similar feature, allowing users to switch between the normal Taskbar and a Fast Action Button.

The Fast Action Button would provide users with a single, customizable button that, when tapped or pressed and held, would reveal a menu of options like TABS, HISTORY, NEW TAB, MENU, and more. This feature would be easily accessible via settings, allowing users to toggle between the traditional Taskbar and the FAB according to their preference.

Benefits of this Feature:

1. Enhanced User Experience: Users could tailor their browsing experience by selecting their preferred interface, providing a more personalized and efficient way to interact with Firefox.

2. Accessibility: The FAB option would be particularly useful for those with touchscreen devices, making it easier to navigate the browser with gestures and taps.

3. Increased Flexibility: By offering both Taskbar and FAB options, Firefox would accommodate a wider range of user preferences, ensuring inclusivity.

4. Streamlined Navigation: The FAB would simplify access to frequently used functions, improving overall usability.

5. Competitive Advantage: This feature could distinguish Firefox from other browsers and attract users seeking customizable and innovative browsing experiences.

I understand that implementing new features involves careful consideration, but I believe that giving users the choice between the traditional Taskbar and a Fast Action Button could be a significant enhancement to Firefox.



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Community Manager

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