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If you wouldn't mind, put a button on either side of your browser so I can get to each end of my list of tabs the quickest. It is great we can open multiple tabs and that I can open a new tab but with todays tech .... It would be nice for the user to have an option to have this feature; similar to how you can add the zoom + and - in the Customize Toolbar when you right click but different because presently there is no known way to get to either end of my chain of tabs in the shortest amount of time other than to hold the left and right scroll buttons *yawns*. Now that I write this I am thinking of a tradition up and down scroll bar but set horizontally (as well to the buttons). I am 1980i and at times I have 24 pages. Each page is 17 opened tabs, so there is alot of back and forth at times. For me it would make browsing easier.

So, I am suggesting both buttons and to implement a scroll bar to sort through open tabs.



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