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This is for people like me, who have a huge Favourites stack, to manage and sort large Bookmark amounts.
The idea is to have a build-in "Book-Manager", in Windows File Explorer Tree View Style, Manage Bookmarks, but in large view, as the current one is too small, and it is hard to sort out, find duplicates, or their locations in the Bookmark Folders.
It should have the ability to find multiple copies of BM's, and show them in Tree View style, so we can decide which to keep, which to move, which to delete, per location.

There should be a sorting system:
Per BM-Name: Meaning, all BM's are sorted by name, and shown the location in the tree View.
Per Link Address: Per Link Address with Tree View Location.
Per Date: As per Per Favourite, but sorted by date rather than name with Tree View Location.
Per Location: Meaning all Folders are shown, within them the files.
It should have a search system, as per the one we have now in Manage Bookmarks.

It could be done by a new Tab Window opening displaying the Favourites, like Windows File Explorer, but then a Firefox Bookmark Explorer.
Maybe it can be an option:
Those that prefer the "tiny" manager can use it as is, for those like me, it could be set as the Manage Bookmarks alternative in Settings.
I do not like to make those unhappy with what they like being altered, people like choice.
If you can give this as alternative, unforced but usable, people would like it much more, I think.


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Well, I was about to post this idea myself, until I saw yours pop up as I typed the title.

We all know, what they say, about great minds and similar thoughts, right?  😛

+1 from me.