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Making moves
Status: New idea

This will let to avoid to have multiple password system with extension like Bitwarden.

I get now a modal to save the password on Firefox and also on Bitwarden and it is very annoying.

Familiar face

That sounds like an unnecessary security risk to me.

I use Bitwarden instead of the native Password Manager, and I'm fine.

New member

After last weeks Firefox update (week of March 7th) upon restart Bitwarden no longer appears in the menu bar. It still isn't there.

I've tried contacting Firefox, and Bitwarden and as of yet, I've not heard a word.

New member

I can't login to Bitwarden anymore.  The Captcha isn't functioning.

Strollin' around

Isn't it simpler just to have 1 service managing your credentials? Bitwarden is free and open source and you can just disable Firefox's native ability to manage them so that you aren't seeing both trying to save an item.