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As Password Managers, we're developing our browser add-on for hundreds of thousands of Firefox users, relying in a critical way on the Mozilla Foundation to enable us to manage and update our product for our customers. Not having a program for developers to receive a higher level of support beyond the regular channels is challenging for our organizations. We are often faced with stressful situations with a lack of clear feedback when our submissions are pending for longer than usual, or rejected without clear reasons.

To address this, we suggest the introduction of a business support tier to the Mozilla team, providing advanced support and services tailored to the needs of businesses like ours. Here are some examples of features and services that would greatly benefit us:

  1. Increased Visibility and Communication: We propose a system that offers more visibility into the submission process, including the expected timeline for reviews. This information will help us manage our expectations and better plan our deployment strategies. Additionally, a direct point of contact for escalation in cases of extended pending reviews (lasting more than 24 hours) would enable open discussions, prompt issue resolution, and facilitate efficient decision-making.

  2. Clear Submission Guidelines and Policies: Enhancing the clarity of submission policies, particularly concerning source code submissions, review guidelines, and any planned changes in the review process, would greatly assist developers like us. By receiving more information, we can better anticipate requirements and ensure a smoother submission process, reducing potential bottlenecks and uncertainties.

  3. Collaboration and Roadmap Participation: We believe in the power of collaboration and long-term planning. We are more than willing to contribute to the roadmap of Mozilla Add-Ons so that we can provide early feedback and align our strategies. This mutual collaboration will foster a vibrant extension ecosystem and contribute to making Firefox an even more robust platform for our customers.

We firmly believe that by working together and investing in a stronger, long-term partnership, we can collectively build a thriving extension ecosystem and further solidify Firefox as a preferred platform for our customers.

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