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Status: New idea

As of the current Firefox release, if you use the Strict tracking protection, all websites are set to Strict. If this breaks a website you have to disable ETP for that website, which enables all trackers instead of only some. This can be fixed by allowing the user to set the ETP levels per site, so if a site is broken, you can just set the site to load with Standard ETP instead of turning off ETP entirely.

Status changed to: New idea
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I think it's a good idea. Many websites will work without having to completely disable tracking protection.

Familiar face

But when a website isn't working don't you fix simply disabling the protection for that website temporarily? You give an exception for a while, you shouldn't have disabled the whole protection.

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I might be a bit late, but this request still has the "new idea" status so instead of creating a new thread I'll write here.

I was thinking basically about the same thing, but with much more granular level of control. So instead of setting ETP levels, user would be able to allow requests to certain domains per domain/site level.

In the end, it may look a bit like what Privacy Badger or uMatrix allows us to do.

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For example - While golbal ETP settings is 'strict' and a webpage is broken, need a way to switch the ETP for that page to 'standard', and if it still not works, switch it to 'off'.
Best if it can be done from the widget that appears when clicking the shield icon in the address bar.

Making moves

I second this. It's so annoying that you have to either have tracking protection or no tracking protection at all. For example, I currently have issue on BetaNews webpage where Strict protection breaks comment section so it doesn't even load, but with Standard, it works fine. Literally ALL other webpages work fine with Strict, so degrading all webpages to Standard because of one is silly and disabling protection entirely on BetaNews where Standard could work just fine is also rather absurd. But if I could just set BetaNews website to Standard and all would be fine. All webpages on Strict, BetaNews on Standard and I have no big compromises. I just don't find the idea of turning off tracking protection entirely acceptable when just lowering protection a bit is enough to fix the webpage.

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I agree this would be a useful update (the ability to set the options for individual sites) would be really great.

For me I need to allow some things for one site (standard) and block most for others (strict)

(Maybe being able to have multiple sites opened at once that are a mix of normal https and private mode sites would also be useful)

Making moves

I don't understand how this isn't a thing yet. Tracking Protection should have a global setting and per-website setting. Global should be applied to all webpages by default and users can then through Exceptions set website's Tracking Protection level between OFF, Standard and Strict. Just because I want to make website functional, I don't suddenly want to allow ALL trackers on it.

Also, users should be allowed to set this directly from the Tracking Protection shield icon in the URL bar instead of having to memorize webpage URL, go into main settings for Tracking Protection and then manually enter it in the exceptions panel. What kind of stone age design is this?!