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Making moves
Status: New idea

Create a bookmark and accidentally store it into a random bookmark folder.

You cannot find it.

Filter your bookmarks - you found it by name but have no idea where it is located. The editor window does not show you its storage folder or allow you to move to the desired folder; plus the search results do not state the location either.

It is lost forever...

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

right click on the bookmark name after you've filtered for it and on the context menu click on "show in folder." it takes you close to the bookmark (you just have to scroll down a bit to see it if there is more than a screen of bookmarks). It also highlights the folder it's in. From the bookmark you can cut it and paste it in to the correct folder.

Making moves

@RichardTYour suggestion does indeed solve OP's problem, but a more general solution would be to show the path of bookmarks in the Bookmarks directory tree as an additional column in the results list, or to show the path of the bookmark selected in the search results list in the properties pane below the results list or, better yet, both.  There are numerous similar requests in the ideas forum.

@jasonzuvelaIn addition to RichardT's suggestion of cut & paste, you can also drag the bookmark you found in the right-hand pane to the desired folder in the left-hand pane.

Making moves

I agree with this idea. I have save thousands of bookmarks in Firefox, and put them in tens of folders.

It's convenient for me to add a bookmark, set keywords, and ask firefox to put it in a folder,

but when I rearrange my bookmarks, I'm comfused that I cannot just right click the entry -> "move to..." -> choose a new folder -> OK.

"Cut & paste" is good when bookmarks is not so much. When there's too many entry on the panel, page scrolling costs more time than cut&paste.

Search bookmark is very useful, meanwhile we cannot get a bookmark just by searching with name...

Keywords may be a solution... Though I seldom use it.