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double-click close X button to close browser. everyday i accidentally close firefox because i working on many many applications and youtube is playing on firefox in the background. As i go to close an application, i accidentally close firefox because all the close button are overlapping in the corner. Having to then restart it. This happen once an hour for me. would love to have an option in about:config or settings to allow a double click close.

easy fast fix!! thank you

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This is more of a Windows feature request than a Firefox feature request. Firefox is merely following the application standards set by the operating systems it runs on.

That said, you can stop accidentally closing Firefox by pressing the "X" if you have multiple tabs open and try to close the window you should see a warning about closing multiple tabs, giving you a chance to back out of any accidental window closure requests. If you don't see this warning in this scenario, make sure the "Confirm before closing multiple tabs" option is selected in your Firefox settings: