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Status: New idea

First, I absolutely love the video pop-out feature. I use a 50" 4K TV as a monitor, and cover every square inch of the screen with work and play. Being able to run a YouTube video or a Plex movie in a screen area (I use the FancyZones PowerToys tool) while I continue browsing or working elsewhere brings me great joy.

I was looking at the live BTC-USD graph on Coinbase this morning, and thought it would be amazing to be able to pop out DIVs or other multi-element areas from a webpage to float in a pop-out window like videos do today. I use the right-click "Take screenshot" feature often, and think that its method of selecting one or multiple elements is intuitive and could be applied to a page section pop out feature.

Since some "live" data feeds do not refresh automatically (like stock tickers - Google/Yahoo Finance), it would be nice to have a selectable auto-reload, maybe built into a thin upper toolbar (Refresh every 1m/5m/10m/15m/30m/60m).

I created a couple of mock-ups to show what I'm imagining:













Google ticker:







I appreciate your consideration 😁

Status changed to: New idea
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