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I've been using Firefox as my main browser for going on 20 years and see no compelling reason to switch to another one. Thanks for making a solid and dependable product.

As a full-time researcher,I use the bookmarks editor/save feature extensively for my 84MB of bookmarks. I would like to propose a small change that would benefit me and perhaps others.

The current setup is that, if I save a URL to more than one folder, the "Remove Bookmark" command changes to "Remove 2 Bookmarks" (or "Remove x Bookmarks", depending on how many I've created for that URL). The problem is that the bookmark locations are not shown, except for one location up in the "Location" field. Therefore, I don't know the other locations of my saved bookmark.

It would be immensely helpful if each bookmark location was listed with a checkbox next to it. That way, I could remove only some of the bookmarks and leave the rest in place.

Thanks for your time.

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