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currently, in a day box display in Thunderbird Calendar mostly only a day number is displayed. It would help a lot, if the full date were displayed for each day (day, month year). There is enough space in each box to place it in.

Each time I display the Calendar I have to verify, if the correct weeks are displayed. It always takes some effort to do that.  This problem is sharpened by the fact that, when using a touchpad or a mouse wheel, minimal interaction can offset the calendar by months or even years. Thus easy orientation regarding correct setting is crucial.

thank you in advance for considering this suggestion




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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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I almost didn't find this post and opened a new one because I only searched for scrolling instead of touchpad.

Since I am predominantly using my laptop with a bog-standard Synaptics driver, I've been having the same troubles although connecting a proper mouse that problem disappears.
Anywhere else scroll speed isn't a problem, but when trying to navigate the calendar in TB 102, it is near impossible to precisely navigate to the correct month, which is a bummer since I prefer using the monthly view. The ticks for vertical scrolling are way too sensitive and don't correspond to scrolling for example in the mails list.

Besides adjusting the scrolling behavior, being able to click on a day and navigate with the arrow keys from there on would be a nice addition, too.

Making moves

At the very least put the month abbrevriation as you do on last day of one month-first day of the next month cells.