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Making moves
Status: New idea

Displaying a flag in the address bar when visiting sites, will increase security and comfort, so that each user knows if the site is safe.

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Making moves

I have been using FIREFOX as my primary browser for over a decade.  It seems lately that updates are almost every day.  I sit down to read an important article and a request to update pops into the browser window.   I don't care to let any organization automatically update my software, being in IT for years I think it's prudent to read the update before applying it.  Is there a way to cease the non-stop requests for updating FIREFOX software?  When there is a critical issue perhaps THEN a warning could be presented.  Thank you for an excellent product and hard work!


Hi, that would be useful information. I do think the feature would need to be implemented carefully because the service where you look up the physical location registered for the IP address will know all the IP addresses you're visiting, which for many people would be a privacy concern.

It also would be important not to overstate the significance of that location because large web hosts have customers from everywhere in the world and therefore the provider's location may not reflect the location of the website operator. (And for better or worse, domain name lookups generally do not return true owner information.)