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Status: New idea

Sometimes I want to visit a website with JavaScript turned off, but I don't want it to be off for all websites, and I don't even necessarily always want it to be off when I visit the website I'm visiting (for example maybe sometimes I want to read something without popups yelling at me, but other times I want to use their JavaScript-based search bar). Basically, I want an "open link in new tab with JavaScript turned off" feature, and "Open link in new container tab" is exactly the way I would want it to work.

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Community Manager

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It would be indeed a great feature to have in Firefox for android this feature.

For it not be applied to ALL websites opened in tabs in a given Firefox instance it would be great to have an allow list and a block list where we would like to have JavaScript to run. +1 for this idea as I see it being very useful in multiple different scenarios.