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Making moves
Status: New idea

Develop a version of Firefox that functions identically to release Firefox, but with additional features similar to those found in Opera GX e.g. a CPU/RAM limiter, a dedicated gaming news section, bookmarks to sites like Twitch/YT/Discord, and a music player.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves


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Firefox is fine, would like an option in the settings to limit cpu usage... I'm good on ram personally but that would probably be a good feature.

Even if there are more performance settings under the hardware acceleration hidden in menus, I believe many would appreciate it


Making moves

Firefox Gaming Browser: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Dear Firefox Team, I’ve been a long-time user of Firefox and have recently come across Opera GX, a gaming web browser tailored for gamers.

I believe Firefox could enhance the gaming experience for its users by either creating a separate Firefox Gaming Search App similar to Opera GX or by adding settings to the main Firefox Search App that allow users to customize and optimize their browsing experience for gaming.

This could include features such as resource allocation controls, in-built gaming news and community integration, and optimization for gaming-related websites and services. Such additions or a dedicated gaming browser would make Firefox even more appealing to the gaming community.


TL;DR Here’s a list of potential benefits if Firefox were to create a web browser similar to Opera GX for gaming:

1. Dedicated Gaming Experience: A specialized gaming browser from Firefox would cater specifically to the gaming community, offering features tailored to their needs.

2. Resource Allocation: Users could have more control over system resources, allowing them to allocate more CPU and RAM to their games for smoother performance.

3. Optimized Performance: The browser could be optimized to consume fewer resources in the background, minimizing interruptions during gameplay.

4. Gaming News and Updates: Integration of gaming news, events, and updates within the browser would keep gamers informed about the latest developments in the gaming world.

5. Customization Options: Users could personalize their gaming browser with themes, backgrounds, and gaming-related extensions.

6. Community Integration: Features like built-in access to gaming forums, chats, and communities would foster interaction among gamers.

7. Streaming Integration: Integration with popular game streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming could enhance the streaming experience.

8. Game Launcher: A built-in game launcher could simplify the process of launching and managing games directly from the browser.

9. Resource Monitor: Users could monitor resource usage in real-time, helping them optimize performance for gaming.

10. Privacy and Security: Firefox’s strong commitment to privacy and security would extend to the gaming browser, ensuring safe online gaming.

11. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Support for various operating systems and devices would make the gaming browser accessible to a wide audience.

12. Add-Ons and Extensions: The ability to add gaming-related extensions or plugins would allow users to tailor their experience further.

13. Low Latency: Optimizations for reduced latency in online multiplayer games would provide a competitive edge.

14. Frequent Updates: Regular updates and improvements would keep the gaming browser up-to-date with the evolving gaming landscape.

15. Compatibility Mode: Users could switch between gaming mode and regular browsing mode for flexibility.

16. User Feedback Integration: Firefox could actively seek feedback from gamers to continuously enhance the gaming browser’s features.

17. Gaming Market Integration: Integration with gaming marketplaces like Steam or Epic Games Store could simplify game purchases and management.

18. In-Game Overlays: Features like in-game overlays for chat, notifications, and browser functions could enhance the gaming experience.

19. Performance Metrics: Gamers could access performance metrics and benchmarks to optimize their gaming setup.

20. Collaborations: Collaboration with game developers and studios could lead to exclusive content and promotions for users.


Creating a gaming browser aligned with Firefox’s principles could attract gamers who value privacy, security, and customization while enhancing their gaming experiences.

What is Opera GX 

The 7 best features of Opera GX 

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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I can't really see having a whole other Firefox browser, but I think it would be nice to have some of the features shown in Opera GX like the limiter on how much RAM and CPU usage the browser can use. And of course, performance improvements are always welcome!

Making moves

I love firefox and have used it for most my time, i have been tempted to use opera GX because of its capabilities and performance but with china owned (china majority invested) i don't plan on using. My suggestion is can you create a gamer browser like opera gx with possibly the same style or your own touch but same features of side applications.

Hope others support the suggestion and something amazing can be created, i think it would bring a lot of opera users and other browser users over especially gamers.

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Community Manager

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@familieslife1sell game consoles

Introducing Firefox Gaming Edition - a specialized version optimized for gaming. Experience faster performance, enhanced graphics, and customizable gaming features, all while retaining Firefox's privacy and security standards. Enjoy seamless gameplay with lower latency and smoother graphics rendering. Unlock a world of gaming possibilities with Firefox Gaming Edition.