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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I like the tab-sync/send system but use an extension (Sidebar Tabs) to show my tabs in the sidebar. However often I have a handful of tabs I'd like to send to my home computer from work. I have hidden the native tab-bar to save vertical screen-space, so I can't use that.


It would be great if I could send tabs, from the sidebar-extension I use. It seems there has been discussion about this in Bugzilla, but it seems to have stopped: I'd like for this feature idea to be implemented, so extension developers can implement it. There's clearly a use for it.

The current solution is to open each tab, context-click the page and end it. It quickly gets time-consuming, especially since most of the tabs are often »sleeping«/have been unloaded from memory, so I then need to wait for every tab to reload 1 by 1 before I can send and close it.


If the feature included a prompt to close all sent tabs after sending multiple tabs, or left the selected tabs selected (so they easily can be closed manually) it would be very nice! Otherwise I have to go though the tablist again to close them manually 1 by 1.

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Community Manager

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