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When I receive an email in thunderbird I know I won't read (an advertisement for instance), that should be useful to delete this mail directly from the notification that appears on top of the screen (see this screenshot showing such a notification)

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I totally agree, all other email clients have this function, need to add check box, or a trash can icon or maybe both. some emails you just don't want to open and to be able to delete them easy without having to scroll all over the screen or not to right click scroll down a very long menu to find the delete command would save a lot of time and frustration.

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With all the scam and phishing mail that circulates in today's world, you have to be extremely careful. Some emails that you receive, you don't want to click on, even though it might do any damage, it sends a verification that it's a ligament email, and then the trash emails starts poring in. SO, IT WOULD BE A GREAT PLUS TO HAVE A TRASH CAN ICON THAT SHOWS ON EVERY EMAIL, with the ability to delete without clicking. Almost every other email client has this feature. I have work with computer's science the early 80's an I have always tried to use software that was included with the operating system. Now that Microsoft is forcing their new mail app on everybody which don't even work, I have been trying every mail client that I can find, I think this may be one of the best, still needs a little improvement, but it gets the job done.

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Include a "Delete" button on Thunderbird pop-up notifications

Came to Thunderbird recently after MS discontinued its Windows Mail and Calendar apps. I miss the ability to delete an email directly from the notification box. Please consider adding this functionality. Thanks.

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