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Hello !

Currently if I change the theme of my Firefox, it changes for both light and dark mode. It will be great to define a custom theme for light mode and a custom theme for dark mode. Like this if my OS theme is light I can have a custom light theme and have a custom dark theme if my OS theme is dark.

I hope it's clear.
Thank you.

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@MintMain21 that extension doesn't work:
>Note: There is a known issue with Firefox 100 where the "Change themes based on the system theme". Please use the other setting modes while a fix is being worked on.

there is another extension that claims to do this but it doesn't work too:

@tim_jlnSo far I only found one theme that switches together with the OS setting like the "system theme auto" does, and it's called Alpenglow:



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What OS do you use?

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@metbicI'm gonna have look to this extension!

@MintMain21I use macOS.

Thank you all for you answers!

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I would like to add my support for such a feature as well. Out of the box, Firefox provides four theming options:

  • System theme - auto (dynamic)
  • Dark (static)
  • Firefox Alpenglow (dynamic)
  • Light (static)

On my platform, Fedora Workstation, the system theme appears to be deriving from Adwaita. So rather than following the system hints to switch between Firefox Light and Dark, it's effectively switching between Adwaita and Adwaita-dark. While I think it's a good idea to retain this, considering Alpenglow has it's own scheme states it would be nice to have either:

  • the ability to define our own target themes based on the system hint, or
  • another theme choice of "Follow system hint - auto" that uses Firefox's built in dark and light themes.

This also impacts Thunderbird.