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Strollin' around
Status: New idea


I believe like the homepage on Mobile Firefox (I use the Android version) could be improved in terms of shortcuts.

For example, I use the "Infinity Tab Pro" Add-On on the Desktop version of Firefox because I use the shortcuts on the homepage (i.e. new tab) to access the webpages I use most frequently. These webpages are different from my bookmarks.

On the other hand, when I use Firefox on my Android phone I get a different experience when using the homepage. There is no option to pin specific sites to "shortcuts" and every time I go to the homepage I am greeted with a different look of the homepage because webpages from my history are added as "shortcuts" and push away the sites I actually use the most. The only available solution to fix this is to manually "Delete from history" every webpage that shows up on the homepage.

I wish there would be some improvements to the homepage such as pinning webpages or custom shortcuts where we could add and organize webpages we use the most.

I attached an example screenshot of how my homepage looks like on my desktop Firefox just to help you visualize how I use Firefox.

Hope this goes somewhere.

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Making moves

you can pin specific sites: just load a web site and select "add to shortcuts" from menu.

you can even rename them, by long tapping on the icon, but you cannot move the shortcuts once you've created them.

please vote for the other idea that Jon has linked.