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Status: New idea

Usually I tend to have multiple windows open at any given time, so it's getting quite annoying when I can't recover these windows currently Firefox only opens the previous set of windows you closed and its impossible to get anything from before that. Please add an option to change the number of windows Firefox saves for you to recover.

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Making moves

If I may be so bold, I think Firefox should save and reopen all normal windows that were active in the last session, and every tab within these windows.

New member

the idea of Egginator is very valuable.

I very often have a window with a number of tabs that I visit regularly.

I always have to make sure that I close the window last, so that it is the first thing to be opened again when the browser starts...or just open it, using the "recently closed window".
Because if I didn't open the window for a longer time, it would be gone, because it was overwritten by newer windows.

It would definitely be easier if there was either a list of "recently closed windows" going back further, or - better yet - if you could save entire windows, with all tabs in it, as a bookmark.....

Greetings from Germany