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Status: New idea

I like the current folder views "Unified Folders", "All Folders", "Favorite Folders", etc. But it would be preferable if we could have a view where we can organize all of it ourselves. I personally have a lot of emails connected to thunderbird, and it works really well, but it leads to even the unified folder view looking really, really ugly. As I have a full list of all of my emails there, it feels very disjointed and clunky. 

It would be nice if I could make my own groupings and folders for structuring my folder pane, similar to how we already can in so many other parts of the interface.

I want thunderbird to be my one-stop shop for all things email and chat, and it currently is, I currently love the look of the client, it was the one thing holding me back from using it before. But I really think the client could go one step beyond and allow for more grouping, sorting, organizing, and customizing of that left folder pane. This same problem persists with the calendars too, too many calendars leads to a really clunky and mess list of calendars. 

So maybe we could get some sort of custom view system, or the favorites system could be revamped. 





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I support this idea.
For example, in Outlook, there is a lot of junk (folders) that I can't delete because they are systemic and I would like to hide them.
Also, there are user folders (there are many), most of them I would like to hide as well.
And the button to turn off the view of hidden folders.
You can add a button to hide folders.
And also, which is very important, the ability to move them arbitrarily, so far this is implemented in one of the outlook clients.
This is very much missed when you have a lot of emails and letters (which you filter and group).

I am currently using a workaround with local folders, but then there is a situation where I don't use the folders (with email names, and then I would like to hide them).

For example, on the outlook web client, I use workarounds because I can use ublock and hide the garbage from the interface.