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I often do my homework while juggling kids and/or performing household duties. (eventually I will have a life outside of the house once I get my degree) Some of my textbooks are online and it would really cut down on the late night or all night sessions I have to preform before waking up to small children demanding breakfast at 5:30 AM, if I could have a screen reader to read my text to me while I work. I am not sure if it is a privacy thing and this is why Firefox does not offer it or what the issue is with this browser, I would just really appreciate one if possible. It is really wearing on my body having to wait to read after I put the kids down and also do the coursework for full time hours. Also, is the incompatibility with Examity testing services due to requirements on their end or is is something you guys can fix? I hate to use chrome for anything if I can help it and would much rather prefer to use this browser at all times. Thank you for all you do as I am sure you have much on your plate.

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I have used Mozilla for years and love it.  This morning I saw that Microsoft Edge has a new screen reader called Immersive Reader.  I've tried it for a couple of hours. It appears to be exactly what I want. I have an expensive screen reader that takes up huge amounts of memory and wants me to use it or not use it. The immersive reader let me turn it off and on with CTR Shift U. It is not perfect but it is very good. I have low vision and yet I am news junkie.  I have difficulty reading a whole news article and certainly have trouble when there is lots of news I want today. 

Please develop a screen reader for Mozilla ASAP otherwise you've lost me as a user.