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Hello, Firefox is my #1 go-to browser and I basically use nothing else. I do have a suggestion that I really wish you guys will add to the "Context Menue". I'm on the mac 8 hours a day and the less I have to move my hand and arm around the less fatiguing and less strain on my wrist reducing Carpal Tunnel.

The #1 command I wish for is adding a command in the "Context Menue" (Right Clik) that allows me to close a live active window in the browser "Close Window" or "Close Current Window", Simple!

Best, Joe

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The menu position will be at the ende, but there is a solution for this via userChrome.css. Your best bet might be to just ask on the  r/firefoxCSS sub-reddit for how todo this or search around yourself a bit.


On Windows, we have a keyboard shortcut to close the current window (Ctrl+Shift+w). Maybe on Mac, it would be Command+Shift+w ?