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If you follow an external link from Facebook inside in a Facebook container then the link will open in a tab outside the Facebook container. This prevents information leaks to Facebook.

If you follow an external link from a website running in a Multi-Accunt Container then the link will by default open in a new tab using the same container. This way an information leak is possible. While it is possible to follow the link with: right click - Open in a new container tab, it is (too) easy to just click on the link. One example where this could happen is Outlook mail where you click on a link inside an e-mail.

The suggestion is to add an option to Multi-Account Containers that will tell for a specific Container that links to other domains should be opened by default outside the Container, similar to the current behaviour of the Facebook Container.


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Making moves

You can already restrict a container to only open sites assigned to it. Other sites will be opened in No Container. To enable this option:

  1. Open Multi-Account Container popup.
  2. Click Manage Containers to open the containers settings panel 
  3. Select the desired container
  4. Enable Limit to designated sites
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At the moment I'm using Browser Tamer to achieve this (, but it would be great to see built-in support.

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The procedure suggested by dannycolin will work with a few notes:

You set a container to "limit to designated sites". If you have not specified any managed websites to be associated with the container then following a link from a websited that is open inside the container will open in a window with no associated container.

If you do have specified one or more managed websites with the container then these websites will automatically open inside the container. Following a link from inside the container to a not listed website will open in a window with no associated container. However beware that the website may need to open related websites with a different domain that the website expects to open inside the same container environment.

An example is outlook mail (,, When you logon to outlook mail ( it will open You need to also add to the list of managed websites for the container or you will have problems logging on when is opened outside the container. Note that for you may have to add a different login website.