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Status: New idea


Presearch aims to become the first decentralised search engine that both rewards its users and respects their privacy, as opposed to Google.

In 2021 Google was required to make Presearch a default option for all new Android devices in Europe and the UK to break its monopoly.

Would Mozilla also consider making Presearch a default option for Firefox?


New member

I started using Presearch 2 years ago and I stil like it. 
Finally we have a real web3 alternative to web2 BigTech. 

New member

Yes please!

New member

4 years with Presearch. They build no matter what condition they are. Really wonder how they manage their funds for this.

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Love this idea! Been a user of Presearch for years and know the users of Mozilla would benefit from it as well!

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  • Presearch give me more accurate information of what I'm looking for instead of bloating the first two pages with Ads selling stuff.
  • Less monopoly means more privacy of your life style and accurate information, internet nowadays has so much info that it's very easy to be confused and manipulated mainly for new generations, this tool can make a difference. 
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Have been searching presearch for 2 years now. Great experience and privacy is ensured. From an innovation standpoint just look at the new backgrounds of or consider how hard it is to power millions of searches by a decentralised nodes network of individuals and their servers. 

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Presearch would be an important addition to the default Firefox search engine options.

Presearch offers today high quality, high privacy results with high local relevancy that make it my exclusive search engine for the past two years.

Presearch aims to be owned, operated and governed by the community and aims for total decentralization, privacy and free speech.

As such, it would be a stand out addition to the Firefox search options.

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Best search engine, mozila must consider it

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The searches have been much better than google which is another reason im still using it.

New member

The search results have been better than google depsite all their market experience. Im very impressed with PRE

New member

Presearch is one of the best search engines I have ever used.  It's like a VPN for search engines.  Privacy is the foundation to freedom and is the best I have found.  I highly recommend making Presearch a default search option and a Mozilla tech partner.

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Great Search Engine Pre Search. Smooth user experience as well

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Presearch is more like a VPN for search engines where your searches are not tracker and also reward you for your loyalty. I vote for adding them as a search choice and an official tech partner for Firefox. Privacy is the foundation of freedom and no search engine does it better than

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Yes, please add PreSearch to Firefox

New member

Great idea, Presearch is the future of search engines.