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Status: New idea

There is a founction in Chrome called 'Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed' . It creates a process in background and occupies less RAM after closing all tabs, which can speed up opening new window. Is it possible to achieve this in Firefox?




Making moves

Firefox should provide a toggle to minimize them to tray since all the existing browsers provide similar options as shown below.



New member

My primary usecase is:

-  I like to keep as little visual clutter as possible, and to use as few resources as possible because my laptop is aging

- When I compulsively close Firefox, and need it a couple of minutes later, I am inconvenienced by:

  - Bitwarden requiring re-opening with master password

  - Tabs seem to forget session cookies (perhaps quite logical)


It would be great to be able to simply unload all tabs from RAM and minimize to system tray

New member

I want this functionality in Firefox as well. 

New member

I would love for this to be a feature as well. Bitwarden also being one of my primary reasons for keeping Firefox running without clutter.