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Status: In development

This feature was great, and one of the reasons why I stayed with Firefox when I tried it. From stopping accidental downloads to avoiding malware, being able to choose to keep a download instead of automatically putting it on my device was really helpful, so I suggest adding a toggle(alongside the options for individual files) to choose between asking for all files or auto-downloading. I'd greatly appreciate this change.

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I as well, agree with what was stated. Allow me as one individual to decide if and when I desire to download any update from firefox. Do not automatically download it.

Making moves

I just realized that my OS file system's "Downloads" folder is now bloated with files and docs that I ONLY viewed.
I have Firefox set to "ASK" what to do with every document so that I can choose to: View or download and WHERE to download to.
This new feature (a royal P.I.T.A is what it is) does automatically delete it's Firefox download log of files when closing the browser BUT leaves the "only viewed" file in my "Downloads" folder.
It is even so obnoxious that if I choose & click "download" and chose a specific folder (not downloads) and rename that file it will now save the file in two folders 1) in the folder I selected named as I named it and 2) under the files original name in my "Downloads" folder. How RUDE!
Firefox needs to fix this and I just had to verify, compare and delete over 200 DUPLICATE files.
At least add a user control setting.

Strollin' around

There must be an option to put downloads only in /tmp and purge them automatically otherwise Firefox becomes unusable for me.

After all those UI mishaps this is certainly the worst "improvement" so far. Please concentrate on implementing HTML features, improving security and other relevant features and stop breaking the usefulness over and over again.


FYI, this bug is in progress. You should be able to choose "always ask" for unrecognizable mime types once this work is implemented.



Please don't spam the bug unless you have additional insight to the topic.

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I, too, don't like the idea of all these files being left in the the Downloads Folder.

Even worse, if I want to download (say) 10 pdf files that are to be saved into one folder, each and every time I choose "save as" for a new file, the save wizard opens to the Downloads Folder.  In the past, after I saved the first file, the remaining would automatically open to the destination file I want for all the files.  Now, I have to scroll through My Documents to find the destination folder and then any sub-folders... each and every time.  This is a PITA.  It costs time and makes me very frustrated, not to mention having to go back to the Downloads Folder to delete all those unnecessary files that were automatically saved.

Status changed to: In review
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with another exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to "In review" which means it will be brought to our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey. As soon as we have another update on its status, we’ll let you know right here in the comment section.

Stay tuned 😃

-The Community Team

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great news!

Our teams have reviewed this idea (and the supporting comments) and the feature is now "In development."

A product manager will add a comment here shortly with more info.

-The Community Team

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Please revert the file download behavior as it was before v. 98. It was just perfect!
Let us choose what to do with files: view them (please use the /tmp folder and don't clutter "Download") or download them *only* to the chosen location.
The new Chrome-inspired download management is a P.I.T.A., please ditch it as soon as possible!!!

v. 99: "Always ask you where to save files" selected in "Settings" is not honored as you might expect. Setting every single Content Type to "Always ask" doesn't work as well.

New member

I stopped using Firefox believing that this was a bug. Sadly, I won't come back to Firefox until this is fixed, as I simply do not have the time to clean my downloads folder every other day. Also, the downloads folder contains genuine files that I want to keep there and don't want to lose them by accidentally deleting them in a rush. This 'feature' has messed up my computer and my workflow. Bye for now, Firefox.

Strollin' around

While we wait for a real fix (ie: revert to pre 98 behavior):

You can revert to the old ways by setting: = false

in "about:config".

(if they get rid of that one... I'll leave Firefox for good, and I've being using it since Phoenix days).