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Status: Delivered

This feature was great, and one of the reasons why I stayed with Firefox when I tried it. From stopping accidental downloads to avoiding malware, being able to choose to keep a download instead of automatically putting it on my device was really helpful, so I suggest adding a toggle(alongside the options for individual files) to choose between asking for all files or auto-downloading. I'd greatly appreciate this change.

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I have been a faithful Firefox advocate for decades. 

Viewing .pdf files is a major part of my internet work.

Now that Firefox downloads all .pdf files to my download folder before I can view them, I then have to delete those files, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

I have found it necessary to use a different browser.


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I have written about this problem before (April 18, 2022) and thought I got a message a few months ago that said this problem would be repaired in an upcoming update... several updates have come and gone and PDF downloads are still opening up and saving automatically to the Downloads folder.

Here's the deal:  I'm at a website and downloading, say, PDF articles about a certain subject.  I download a PDF and it opens.  Before saving I want to rename it.  Done.  But the Save wizard is opened to the Download folder, even after saving my first article in the appropriate folder.  For the subsequent files, I then have to scroll through and find the appropriate destination folder AGAIN, sometimes through several layers of folders, many times.  If I have ten or fifteen files to save, the save wizard ALWAYS opens to the download folder.  This is time consuming and frustrating and, frankly, p----g me off.

This has not always been this way.  I should be able to save a file and when it comes to saving the next file, the save wizard should open to the folder where I just saved a file, not to the Downloads folder.  It used to do this.  Why doesn't it do it now??  Can't y'all fix this? After all, y'all are the ones that screwed it up!  Have you not understood the problem?  Saving pics and music works correctly. Why is it just PDFs that are dysfunctional?

I have been a loyal Firefox user since before Firefox was Firefox. But if this is not fixed, I may start exploring other options.  Yes, it's that important to me.


Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks all for participating in this thread and helping get this feature delivered 👏. It was shipped in Firefox 101, so we are closing out this thread.

Please continue sharing product feedback and ideas for new features/feature enhancements.

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I just updated my browser and now have 104.0.2 (64 bit), and it still automatically downloads files despite saying "open with adobe pdf" only (it doesn't matter what program is needed/used to open it). The problem is NOT fixed.

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My firefox version is 104.0.2 (64-bits) and the matter persists.

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It seems as though we are getting "lip service" from Mozilla about the download issue. I agree it is not fixed and to say it was corrected and to close the issue is ridiculous. This has been on going for months and still no remedy. Amazing! Please get back to work on the issue or I'll delete this browser and use another one.


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Great update Mozilla ! That`s very inconvenient for us ! Instead of temp they move to download folder ! A new task for us ! We dont have all the time in the world ! Aaa,after downloading the file the page close automatic ! 😞

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Just updated to 105.0.3 (64 bit) this morning. Issue is still there. 😏😑🤬

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I can't page past the 5th page - I assume users have either found another browser or have given up on Mozilla fixing this issue.

As a secondary option, could we at least specify the default Firefox temporary download folder, DIFFERENT from our default 'real' download folder? At least we'd be less likely to delete a 'real' download when clearing out all the junk downloads.

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Downloads Behaviour

Option to change default downloads directory and to always ask before downloading.