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Status: New idea

It would be nice to be able to switch between plain-text and HTML composition modes in the email-composition window.

Today I had to change my account settings to send an HTML e-mail. This should be possible easier, even when the account default is to compose in plain-text mode, there apparently are cases when this is desired. I could imagine an plain-text/HTML button in the button bar with the "send, spelling, security, safe" buttons, or an option in the Options menu to compose HTML when the default is plain-text or vice versa.

I would be OK with a warning (or even, would like to have a warning) somewhere when the account-default is plain-text and the composition mode is set to HTML, since HTML e-mail is seen as unwanted to send in this case. Vice versa, I could imagine that people who normally send HTML mail would like an explicit notice that they are sending plain-text now.

Status changed to: New idea
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Just a day ago Tbird upgraded to > 102.1.0 (64-bit)

For years, please see image as this is while using an acct Inbox the Send Later has NEVER been there, and not sure who/why it is there now?


a) For years, my hand-eye-BRAIN has trained to click right there, as that is where DELETE has been forever.




b) Again, while looking at "inbox" and not "Drafts" as that is where "Send Later" is stored etc...

Sorry for complaining, but again, what purpose does it serve, at this location?


It really screws up speed of deleting and wasted mouse movement and heartbeats -smile-




Send Later never existedSend Later never existed






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When I reply to someone's email, sometimes the editor will automatically changing font and font size, making the new font very hard to see. I've tried to use "Remove all text styles" but still unable to get rid of the strange font, tried "Select all" and set to body text but once press enter the weird text font will appear again, this made me crazy. Please implement "Pure Text" or a real "Remove all text style" that's really works, thank you in advance.

Familiar face

Hold shift when you click to reply, this changes the compose mode either to HTML or to plain text,  whichever is the reverse of what is in settings.  There is no need to go to account settings.