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Hi Team,

I really love the Multi Account Containers add in, now I have a project at work where I need to login to over 180 different accounts. If possible, I'd really like to be able to bulk add new containers, either via a CSV upload with all the names of the containers, or a multi line copy paste

If this is already possible via editing some local files, please also let me know. Thanks

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Hi Keyford, I don't think there is a convenient way to do this at the moment.

If you feel like conducting an experiment:

If you look in a Firefox profile folder, you will find a file named containers.json which has the basic information for each container. As an experiment (in a separate profile, not my regular one), I edited the file while Firefox was closed. I added the following just before the ]} at the end of the file:


(This userContextId uses the next number, sequentially, after the previous one in the file.)

When I started Firefox and looked at the Containers list (using the Settings button on the Settings page), there it was. That's as far as I tested, so maybe that could be an option for you. I suggest making a backup first.

Note: any site list associated with a specific container is add-on data in the Multi-Account Containers database, which is not really able to be edited externally. There is a request on file for export/import capability for the add-on:

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Thanks @jscher2000, I'll give it a shot tonight on my personal rig to test it