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Making moves
Status: In development

One of the great timesavers for me using Unread Folders was the ability to flip through the folders quickly, scanning the subject lines for things of interest.

After finishing, I would select all the folders with remaining, unread messages, and mark them as read.

The new version has removed that capability. Only one folder can be selected at a time.

Marking the contents of 30 or 40 folders takes a ridiculously long time, as each must be selected individually.

Please bring back the ability to select multiple folders in Unread Folders view so that multiple folders can be marked as read at one time

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

New member

this issue "no multiple folder selection in V115" is also discussed here

New member

I Agree, bring back this valuable feature!!!

There may be a technical issue that forced its removal in order to push the latest update out, or a conflict, but us regular, non-coding users have no clue what's going on behind the curtain, so ro me, removing this feature is crazy.

My high praise to all of the developers, but please return this huge, timesaving feature…  AM


New member

I also need ability to select multiple folders, I used it before in previos Thunderbird virsions

New member

This is essential feature.
It's crazy that moving/copying folders one by one if there're dozens.

New member

Agree, please bring back the "old feature".
Please no more downgrades in future version for basic functionality.

Thanks in advance.



New member

Even a simple "Mark folder as read" action becomes tedious if you can't apply it to multiple folders...

Status changed to: In development
Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team


Thank you for voting.  This is in development for version 128 to come out in July.

The work is being done in

New member

Upvote! Bring back the option to select multiple folders at once. Why in the world would you want to remove valuable time saving features and derogate the application. Sometimes, it's hard to appreciate the updates. Many times...

New member

I used to search for and delete duplicate messages across different folders until Thunderbird decided to kill the select multiple folders feature. This decision has broken/limited the functionality of the powerful "Remove Duplicate Messages" extension. Can't wait for the feature to be restored.