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Status: New idea

Mozilla Archive Format is a file type for saving complete web pages, with all related resources saved in a single zip file.

  • It is superior to the current "Web page, complete" because it is a single file and can be moved and renamed without problems, and has no filesystem overhead.
  • It is superior to PDF because it doesn't divide up the web page into arbitrary page boundaries, add headers and footers, distort the layout, etc.  It can be viewed on any screen in the original intended format.
  • It is superior to MHT format because it keeps the original context of the web page as closely as possible and doesn't re-encode all the files into BASE64. They can be extracted from the archive with their original filenames and metadata, etc. or deleted from it to save space if they are inconsequential.  MAFF is a simpler, more future-proof format.

Firefox should natively save and open .maff files without a need for add-ons.  It's very frustrating that this format was created by Mozilla, we saved many web pages using it, and then Mozilla abandoned the format and removed the functionality from Firefox and made it impossible to provide through add-ons.

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Bug bounties when?

New member

I agree, MAFF is clearly superior, and I miss it a lot.

As a workaround, I keep PaleMoon around, but it would be so much nicer to have it natively in FF!