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Making moves
Status: In review

Firefox 88 had icons and labels on the main menu and the context menu.  After Firefox 88, it's just labels.

Menu icons give instant visual cues, help speed up the act of finding the needed menu item, plus they help non-tech savvy users.

Idea: Please bring back the menu icons. Or, at least, give us an option to see them.


Removing the icons has become a persistent speedbump in productivity usage despite months of trying to get accustomed to it. It would be great to have icons in the menus again. Thanks

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Far more important (to me) than having, or not having, icons in menus was the recent simplification of those menus. Previously, menus were often very complex -- really, quite overwhelming and often redundant -- and recent moves to reduce and simplify options have been very noticeable. I personally don't need icons because I can browse the (now) sensible number of options and click.

If icons come back, that will be fine. But I don't need them, myself.

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Yes bring it back it’s annoying trying to see my extension on Firefox iOS especially Adblock and such.

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Back when there was icons I could find what I wanted with just a glance now I have to go through the whole list and find it. Come on Mozilla bring the Icons back

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Yes, bring them back!

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I just migrated back to Firefox and I miss the icons in the menu from previous versions. They made the UI look more user-friendly

Making moves

You can use userChrome.css to add back icons as a temporal fix. Fox example, this one is very good:

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I'd like to see this implemented as an optional setting

To be honest, I really like the new menu with no icons, it feels much more clean, for me, it's like icons are just clutter

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Where or where is my Homepage icon??? I had to save my Homepage in Bookmarks for crying out loud.  What a pain.

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I total agree. This is the reason why I'm here. When I intent to submit a request that bring the menu icon back, I found your post. I still use Firefox 89 (on Windows because it did not work on Linux anymore) because I don't like the new design. It is ugly and stupid. I have to read all text on the menu to find the item I need instead to quick look at the icon. I attempted to switch to use Edge instead, but it doesn't have the separated cookie containers. I don't want to switch to another browser, therefore please bring the menu icon/context menu icon back.


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Please bring these icons back please!

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Please bring back ALL the menus, sub-menus, context menus etc label icons for FF macOS.

We humans are highly visual creatures. We rely heavily on visual cues.

5 facts about visual communication

  1. 90% of all communication happens visually.
  2. Our brain processes visual impressions 60,000 times faster than text.
  3. The human eye can differentiate approximately 10 million different colours.
  4. It takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image.
  5. Visual images activate the right side of the brain such as imagination, colour and creativity.

REF: humans are visual creatures 

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Please bring back the menu icons, sub-menu icons, and context menu icons in both Firefox and Thunderbird -- and please colorize all of those icons by default.

The post written by FineWine provides excellent points to support this idea. He lists 5 facts about visual communication and provides a link to the source where he found them for appropriate citation credit.

Making moves

The lepton CSS theme support menu icons and they whole theme looks way better than default Proton theme. I completely don't understand why Mozilla decided to remove menu icons.

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Waterfox looks so good in this regard.


IDK why Firefox is evolving backwards in this regard.


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I have to admin not having icons for visual navigation has made me far less efficient in navigating Firefox menus. I really miss the icons! I think of it as a similar navigation challenge that's similar to having a Address/Phone book on my mobile phone that does not have avatars (or pictures) of my contacts, ie- only has the contacts name. Much harder for me to find the contact without an image of the contact.