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Originally, Firefox allowed the deletion of individual cookies.  Currently, if you want to delete a cookie for whatever reason, you have to wipe out multiple cookies over a period of time.  I have one website that doesn't seem to want to log out, even when I manually log out.  When I try to log back in, my previous session seems to block me from logging in new.  In order to log back in, I have to wipe out all the sessions from all of my logged in accounts for a minimum of the last hour. This includes accounts that have nothing to do with the one website/account that is giving me an issue.  This happens across all my Apple products where I use Firefox: my 2008 Mac Pro, my 2014 MacBook Air and my 2018 iPad. 

This does not happen with Google Chrome.

It would be great if I could find and delete just the one cookie or session. Like I used to be able to do with Firefox.

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Here are two tools to consider:

(1) If a page on the site will load -- while viewing the page:

Open the Storage Inspector (Shift+F9) to list cookies relevant to the currently displayed page. You can remove individual cookies for the currently displayed site here. (Firefox Source Docs)

If you want to remove ALL cookies for the current site, it's still simpler to click the lock icon in the address bar and then click Clear cookies and site data...

(2) If no page on the site will load

On the Settings/Preferences page, Privacy & Security panel, Cookies and Site Data section, you can use the Manage Data button to remove all cookies for a single site.