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New member
Status: Delivered

Please bring back the ability to disable pull up refresh. So many times I have lost form data due to scrolling too fast or pinching to zoom. It’s so frustrating. Pull to refresh is great, but please give me the option. 

New member

On Firefox for iOS this function makes reading if PDFs within the browser impossible.

 Every swipe in the wrong direct causes a reset to the start and with that a loss of focus, making the software useless for longer documents.

Making moves

How do you disable this on iOS? I can't find the option. I hate Pull to Refresh. It keeps triggering when I don't mean to refresh the page.

New member

After repeated data loss in an editor, I finally figured out that this is what’s causing the problem. I was blaming the website until I realized that swiping down was triggering it, which doesn’t seem fair to them. Alternative fix - isn’t there some flag you could check that would tell you when user is in the middle of editing? 

New member

How is this still an issue? Could the people at Mozilla please focus on the actual browser and not pushing nonsense bloat. This breaks dozens of webpages especially anything that puts a text box at the end of a scrollable sextion.

Bad UI work, really wish we had a better mobile browser alternative.