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I would like to suggest a cascade form for the bookmarks or if that's the wrong term then that the bookmarks on the Android App should have the function to be accessed more like folders on the email app by samsung by that i mean that lets say we have folder 1, folder 2 and folder 3, each of them has 5 folders inside them, if i want to access folder 3E which is a subfolder of folder3 by the structure we have now i would have to scroll down and have no visual indication that that folder is part of it's parent folder i can one kind of see that it's shiftet a few pixel to the right but this is not a solution when you have many many more folders and the names of real folders dont go like that structure of folder3A folder3B and so on.

So i would like there to be a way for folders to get the ability to be cascade opened when i need subfolders of a main folder but if i dont need them i want them to be retractable and not see them all the time when saving a new bookmark or when searching a specifik bookmark through 30+ folders/subfolders.

Thank you in advance i hope this will be looked into.

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