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Familiar face
Status: New idea

Before Firefox Daylight (79, fall 2020), the homescreen for the Android Version of Firefox consisted of a few customizable tabs, including Bookmarks and History. From daylight onward, the only homepage option was "Top Sites", with the option to both pin specific sites and prevent "recently visited sites" from appearing. As of Nightly 102, however, it is impossible to disable "frequently visisted sites", leaving the home page top sites as a hodgepodge of both pinned and "frequently visited". Top Sites can be disabled, but that will disable pinned and frequently visited alike.


Currently, the closest equivalent is "Recent Bookmarks", although this is not nearly as customizable as desired.


Some ideas.


1. Return the option to disable " frequent sites" without disabling top sites.

2. Further develop "recent bookmarks" into something more customizable, so that you could pin, for example, desktop bookmarks to the homepage.

3. Allow extensions to override the homepage like on Desktop, allowing for configurations developed by the community and users.


The foremost option is the easiest to consider, and would please me well enough. The second option would please pre-daylight users who long for the older workflow. The latter would be dependent on extension permissions and support on android, but would encourage user participation and customization.

New member

I absolutely agree. I switched from Chrome to Firefox mostly because of the ability to use addons (ublock) on Android. Consequently I also changed my standard browser on my desktop PCs. And I really like Firefox even though on the PCs for me it is neither a loss nor a gain compared to Chrome. But I was shocked to see that I almost cannot use booksmarks on my Android device anymore. The access to the bookmark section was already difficult in mobile Chrome, but in Firefox it is almost unusable (especially because there also is kind of a cascading subfolder structure of the bookmarks). I always find my self manually typing all internet addresses of my favorite websites.


New member

Bump. Surely this is a logical option.

New member

I want this so bad. I'm auditioning other solutions. C'mon Mozilla, this seems so obvious.

New member

The bookmarks situation on Firefox mobile is absolutely horrible, i want bookmarks on my homepage, REAL Bookmarks (The same as on the desktop, bookmark is bookmark no matter where i bookmarked it).

I really want to use Firefox Mobile but it is so fing annoying

New member

Bump. Using Firefox on the desktop and Chrome on the mobile/tablets until the bookmarks issues is resolved.