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What I  was thinking was this. Trying to see if this would work. I always use my book marks to save and categorize by different folders and have sub directory folders. Though sometimes when i book mark a page there is only a section of the page that i really wanted.-

So far for what i want to do i cant do so i have just used the snipping tool  from my OS and take a snapshot of the section needed and then add it to one note since that is the only part that i really needed and dont have to read extra things that does not pertain. To help with studying.

Secondly i will also do this alot with Youtube videos it gets to a page with a list i take a snapshot and then add it to onenote.


Though i would like not to do all that. I want to book mark a page and then i can click on   if i want to take a snapshot/ of part of page or shapshot of video  and i would then have that snapshot saved for the page i saved. I could definely click on going to the page/linkl or click on picture icon to see what snapshot i took and view those. with scroll or slides. Same for videos, i have a video that is an hour long, i want to take a snapshot of what i need and still save the page. Though could just look at pictures of what i needit or click to go to link and refresh on anything else and bookmark/snapshot anything else.

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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.


Thanks for posting this. I think the workflow you describe is pretty widespread. Anyone using the web for researching anything needs to collect notes and snippets somehow of what they found, and assemble them into some new document or report. Or just archive them for later retrieval. Or share with a friend or colleague. The web does a great job of this at the document level - URLs are a brilliant way to address a given document, and save or share that thing. But, at the page fragment level or specific timestamp or piece of content, its very informal and there's no consistent way to capture, address or store that thing.

So, some of this I think does fall into Screenshots' scope. We have had a number of conversations - here and elsewhere about "screenshots" as really being a mechanism for creating a durable and transferable snapshot of something in your browser. The fact we create an image is really incidental; its a lowest common denominator output that kinda does the job most of the time, but loses a lot of context and information along the way. PDF seems like a good candidate for an alternative output format - which loses less information and is widely supported. Though most authoring tools don't make it as easy to embed as an image.

This stuff is loosely defined for now, but as we're shaping a road map for future development of Screenshots, its really useful to hear these kind of ideas, so thanks again and keep them coming.

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