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Status: New idea

In these fast developing times, the internet changes quickly it's contents. I have a bookmark list with IT topics and nice tipps for every special case. Unfortunately these pages sometimes change, are not available, or are forum pages where the page of the entry changes. In the end, I cannot use the link anymore because I simply don't find the tries any more.

So my idea is to have the option

  1. to store the complete page behind the bookmark
  2. to store only a screenshot of the current visible page

Both with exact date/time stamp, to know when you called the page.

As an extension I would propose to have a "recent" stack. So if something changes you still have the "old" content. E.g.: you want to update a tree with all offline content to new versions of it and some pages deliver only "404" pages or page content has changed completely. Then you still have access to your original data.

Status changed to: New idea
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Ignoring the point that "saving a complete website" is quite  diffcult with the way websites are created these days (async/danymic loaded content at any time)

Adding a VCS for Bookmarks sounds like a bit much for a web browser to include. 

Taking regular screenshots of the websites on the other hand might be doable ... but also has certain edge cases like the update interval or the problem with logins/authentication to headless access the "new" data.

Might be a desirable feature to have from a user perspective ... but doenst seem to be easily doable in a generic way at least.


In the meantime, you might be interested in this:

which might or might not work as you expect depending on the website.

New member

Thanks igorlogius to provide your feedback,

but in times where the browser has password safes, encryption, reloaded tabs, history (chronic) it seems not to be of such "much more" (at least to me). Saving websites is already done with browsers. Just take a format which encapsulates all data.

With authorisation is probably problematic, but (at least for me) no problem for the sites I'm interested in. And having a start with problems in this corner, it can still be of great benefit from this time on. Optimization can be done later.

Thanks for your Cudo 😉