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The one thing that irks me more than anything else i how certain websites dominate searches. Every time i do a search the same website links keep coming up on the top 10. I cannot see how that's in any way good for anyone. Why do none of the web browsers have a built in function that allows users to list websites they never want to see in their searches? Currently the only way i can ensure that a website doesn't come up on a search i'm conducting is to do this "main search key words",  its way too cumbersome. The "block site" add on in fire fox doesn't seem to do as good a job as this the ** since the sites i don't want to see still display even with this fire fox extension.

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I believe Mozilla won't implement this even though it might be a good idea, it's kind of not their thing to directly bake new features into Firefox anymore.


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I actually feel that this is a very important function especially for the future of browsing. We just cannot have a few heavy lifters dominating search results, its not a healthy situation at all.

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Try searching and adding to the search query to exclude YouTube or to exclude Microsoft.  I have been using it ever since Google started giving priority to YouTube in search results number of years ago.

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@AZ1 wrote:

Why do none of the web browsers have a built in function that allows users to list websites they never want to see in their searches?

Presumably because this requires both integration and buy-in from the search sites: if Firefox starts messing with Google search results then the next week Google might change the coding and delivery fo searches, or worse ban Firefox altogether. It would be Firefox getting into yet another "cat and mouse" game that they can not ever win, and honestly Firefox already has enough of that.


It is also against Firefox's better interest to add features that editorialize what information a eg.: news or query site is delivering. *And* it would have to be done on a search site basis: one egine to change Google's results, another to change Bing's results, another to change DDG's results, and so on.


Frankly, it's much easier and more privacy respecting to do this client-side. With the Stylus add-on for example, it takes only three lines to block links to a domain you don't want to see eg.: pinterest.


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The extension "uBlacklist" might interest you.