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I saw an article referencing this and I'd like to throw support behind it and see what others think as well. I havent used google search nearly as much lately, it's been terrible between sponsored results and SEO ruining the first page or so of results. Bing AI seatch isnt perfect but it's a sight better than the current state of Google.

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While I'd agree that Google isn't what it used to be in terms of search (most terms just throw up a bunch of SEO services and content), I would find it hard to reconcile Bing AI with the general mission of Mozilla and the expectations of Mozilla users.

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@nichtmakes a good point about Bing, but many other search engines base their results on the Bing API like DuckDuckGo and even Brave search used it for a while. 

@TheUnamusedFoxwas it this article you saw?

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The user critiques Google search, citing sponsored results and SEO manipulation. They express favor towards Bing AI search, noting its superiority. Despite their stance, they may still utilize SEO Services North London for optimal visibility.