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Status: New idea
Hello! MS finally managed to create a working package-manager for Windows called winget. Although each Mozilla-application has its own updater I think it is a good idea to automatically create so called winget-manifests for each new release of Firefox, Firefox ESR and Thunderbird to ease the installation (and updating) of many programmes with one winget-command Similar features are already in wide use by all Linux-distributions (e.g. apt and dlf)and on Macs (e.g. homebrew). Thanks!
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I really think this is a great idea and there should be some urgency put on the ESR support for winget
at the moment random people and businesses are submitting the pull requests which may pose a security risk if Microsoft are not confirming the authenticity of the MSI being submitted. 
microsoft/winget-pkgs: The Microsoft community Windows Package Manager manifest repository (github.c...  

It would be best for Mozilla to take ownership of this its branded section of the manifest repo
as you can see in the below link for firefox manifest the latest version of Firefox ESR 115.7.0 has not yet been requested. 
winget-pkgs/manifests/m/Mozilla/Firefox/ESR at master · microsoft/winget-pkgs (

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Community Manager

Thanks @Sten for the post @MarkSzili for following up/tagging me. Let me get this in front of the right team over here and see if there is anything we can share from our end.