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I would like to suggest a QOL idea, that is already present in another browser - MS Edge. When watching any Youtube video (possibly also any other media, but I haven't really tried it), and then scrolling down or up anywhere, then clicking inside the video box, in MS Edge the view is recentered and refocused on the video. In Firefox however, it is not. This is a minor issue, but still an issue for me nonetheless. Here's an imgur link to a short clip I recorded, showing what I mean, since the  maximum attachment size is 5MB:
The recording was done with all addons off, on stock (not beta/dev/whatever) versions of the browsers.

Is it possible to bring similiar functionality to Firefox? Even if it would have to be toggled on, I would be happy to switch browsers to Firefox if that idea got implemented in some way. Of course if it is done with some copyrighted, proprietary code on the Edge side, I can understand that it isn't also a Firefox feature.

Or maybe you can point me to an extension that does such thing? I watch a lot of Youtube videos, and it can become annoying to scroll up again manually. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Firefox version used: 110.0 (64 bit)
Edge version used: Wersja 110.0.1587.46 (Official compilation) (64-bit version)

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