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Status: New idea

Prop: I would like to propose a feature enhancement for Thunderbird mail that allows users to automatically delete smileys in the email subject titles.

Why: While smileys can add a touch of friendliness, they often catch my attention in a way that I find distracting and unintended. They look like spam for me. This feature would provide a simple solution for users like me who prefer a more straightforward and formal presentation of email subjects. By enabling the automatic removal of smileys, it would streamline the visual experience of managing emails and contribute to a cleaner, professional interface.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Familiar face

The smileys as you call them are actually part of modern fonts.  So you are asking for certain characters in the font to be blocked.  I would not like to see that happen without a user setting to turn it off.  OR more likely turn it on.  Most folk will be happy for a bit of colour to lighten up their mail lists.

Historically, fonts were just a couple of hundred characters (255) and struggled with the needs of most non English language writing. Modern Unicode fonts have the capacity of almost 150,000 characters, so many writing systems can be accommodated in a single font.

Unicode fonts have many, many "character blocks" as described here

Just for completeness, the smileys are technically emoji and are described here


New member

Yes, I was thinking of an option to activate, not something by default.

And smileys are just the tip of the iceberg, it's more like 'emoji'.