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Status: New idea

Like a option to resend a message again.  In outbound option to resend a message

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Use edit as new (ctrl+E). It is on the Message menu and then click send.

Strollin' around

@MattAuSupportMaybe a button for this function would be good if your looking at a allready sent email, given there is no such button already.

New member

"Edit as New" should be a button like "reply" for mails send and not 'hidden' in a context menu that is otherwise almost never used.

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Yes would be Great when something Goes wrong (not if) to "retry" the action both modify or resend

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Sometimes when sending an email, a network error or other error can occur. Other times, Thunderbird takes a very long time when sending a message and can freeze or crash, making it necessary to use Task Manager (or Ctrl+Alt+Delete on Windows) to close Thunderbird. After any of these occurrences, it is often unclear whether or not your message was sent, so it would be nice having a quick way to resend the same "sent" message (or message you attempted to send).

As others previously mentioned, Edit as New from the Message menu works too. Ctrl+E on Windows is currently the fastest way. The command may be different on Apple Mac computers.

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+1 good idea

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@tbarstow care to take a couple minutes and explain this idea to me? It is a foreign concept to me why you'd want to send a mail again.