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Making moves
Status: New idea

The method of inserting an image - of any size - into an email would work as follows:

1. Place the cursor where you would like the image to appear on the page.

2. Click 'insert'/'single image', from the top menu bar.

3. A folder from one of your 'libraries' will appear - navigate to the folder with the image you want to use.

4. Select an image - click 'open'.

5. A moderately sized image will appear where your cursor was positioned. (NB. The image has handles and can be 'resized' if required. A variety of box rules or frames can also be added to the image).

6. If this all sound insanely 'simple and straightforward', it's the system for inserting images into an email that I've used for the past ten years or more, but now had to abandon because I'm using Thunderbird.

In 2022 I find it hard to believe that I'm putting this up as 'an idea'; but I find Thunderbird's 'system' for inserting an image into an email to be almost unbelieveable. Even if you go to all the trouble of manually 'resizing' the picture - it still tries to send the original file! - which nowadays is often around 7MB - for 1 picture.

Anyway - if anyone would like to bring the utter simplicity of the method I outlined at the start to Thunderbird's interface... - it does exist, and I would guess someone with the appropriate skillset could just lift the code and make it part of Thunderbird.

Status changed to: New idea
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Familiar face

Usually a simple drag and drop works to attach files, perhaps if a picture is too big you can compress it with an online pictures compression tool, installed software or extension. Then if you want to send a picture you can right-click it, select Send picture by email... and it's done.

Making moves

Thanks for posting - but the incredibly simple method of inserting an image, of any size, directly into the the text of an email - like a picture within the page of a book - was available in Windows LiveMail - an email programme that is a positive dinosaur compared to 21stC Thunderbird.
And yet Thunderbird still can't manage what Windows LiveMail managed 10 years ago!!
I'm sorry but the idea that in a 'modern' email programme I still need to 'compress my image' with an installed software programme, or in fact do anything other than simply insert an image where the cursor is positioned, is ridiculous!
If Windows LiveMail could manage it years ago, how come it's Thunderbird that looks like a dinosaur?

And as a post-script, ALL the 'image resize' 'add-ons' available on Thunderbird are dreadful - mainly, but not entirely, because the resulting image quality is dreadful!

So at the moment, I still have to start my emails in Windows LiveMail... and then copy & paste it into Thunderbird..! - in 2022!

New member
Hello, I would like to know if anything has been done n this suggestion.    
I'm a new Thunderbird user, I have installed version 102.2.2 (32-bit) on my W10 64bit computer.
My problem is that I can not send emails with embedded images (I can receive them), in fact, I can not even answer an email that contains an image no matter how small, such as a logo of the sender. The message is not sent nor can it be archived as a draft, to send it I have to delete all the images first.
I can send images as attachments, but as I say, not when they are inside the body of the message itself. Until now I also used Windows Live Mail as Dunmoanin.
Am I doing something wrong?
I would appreciate your help. Thank you!
New member

Tengo el mismo problema con la versión 102.11.2 (64bits) Windows 10. 

No puedo enviar emails con imágenes incrustadas (puedo recibirlos), de hecho, ni siquiera puedo contestar un email que contenga una imagen por pequeña que sea, como un logo del remitente. El mensaje se envía ni se puede archivar como borrador, para enviarlo tengo que borrar primero todas las imágenes.
Puedo enviar imágenes como archivos adjuntos, no cuando están dentro del cuerpo del mensaje en sí.
New member

En Formato de Envio hay que pasarlo a Automatico, para poder insertar las imágenes.

Herramientas -> Ajustes -> Redaccion -> Formato de Envio