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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

When using the key management function and inquiring properties of a given OpenPGP key, the dialog window is in general too narrow to show the whole fingerprint. That's quite unpractical, since parts of the fingerprint are hidden behind the right end of what is displayed from that line.

So it would be reasonable to provide a multi-line display of the fingerprint. The fingerprint should always be shown in its full length.

Since the fingerprint is usually displayed with breaks: 10 groups of 4 characters, the initial dialog width should provide space for two lines with each containing 5 groups of 4 characters. If the window is made narrower for some reason, the 4-character-groups shall not be split but the respective group should automatically move to the next line - adding more lines as necessary, such that the fingerprint is always visible in its total length.



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