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Status: New idea

I have just setup WhatsApp web add-on to Thunderbird, when I noticed that if I tried to enable desktop notifications, it wouldn't work.  So I looked at the GitLab page for the add-on and saw that Thunderbird does not have a prompt to allow Desktop notifications.

It states that  there is a setting to automatically allow desktop notifications for everything, meaning that I would get notifications for WhatsApp, but I would get notifications for any other website I visit on Thunderbird, which isn't ideal.

I think it would be a good idea to add this prompt into Thunderbird so as to allow add-ons like this to send desktop notifications.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Strollin' around

This could be useful to anyone who wants to use Proton Mail (without premium subscription), ClickUp, Todoist or any other website which wants to notify the user about some changes. I hope it will be implemented ASAP. 😉

Strollin' around

Same problem for me, I added Mattermost and Slack web tabs to Thunderbird and I would like to receive notifications for new messages.

In the meantime, I would be interested to know if anyone found a workaround.

New member

Me too, no Slack notifications. No solution so far?

Strollin' around

Still waiting for this. Need notification from Google Chat tab.


New member

Any updates so far?

New member

This would be a game changer.

New member

Would be a superb complement to the Open Google Voice add-on.

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This is super important to me too!

I just started using Thunderbird as opposed to having different email account tabs pinned in Firefox and what actually made me convert from web to Thunderbird is the possibility of having all email accounts as well as IMs like WhatsApp and Telegram all in one place.

Please consider allowing addons to send notifications in Thunderbird too as without it conversion scenarios such as mine are moot.

New member

Hear Hear!  I too would find value in notifications.  Please implement post-haste.

New member

I say good fellow, this is a smashing idea.  I could really make use of notifications in Thunderbird.  I'm using the "Slack - Quick Access" extension in Mozilla Thunderbird Daily build.  It's nice, but I do miss my notifications.  Let's get this done tout de suite!