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Firefox already has built-in a way to select multiple tabs and select all tabs. Literally you can right-click on a tab > "Select all tabs".

You could just add to that same menu the option: "copy" to copy into the clipboard a list of URLs that of the selected tabs.

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@fcolecumberriI really like the idea, but could you edit the title?

Maybe to "Allow to copy selected tabs urls (to clipboard)"?

By the way, the Android version of Firefox can already do this, but the desktop version not.

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I agree with you, this will be really handy and I needed it (and still) in multiple times.

Like there is an option to bookmark selected tabs when you right-click it, the "copy tabs urls" option could be under it directly, and even with multiple options, with the ability to make one of them a default action/option, like (just examples):

  • Copy urls.
  • Copy domains only.
  • Copy titles.


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> Copy urls. Copy domains only. Copy titles.

But why stop there?





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@AnonymousThank you so much 👌