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Status: New idea

Currently, if you click the 'previous arrow' it will return you to the previous pages.

The need is to go back to the first site with a different hostname in my previous menu.

What I call the "previous menu" is this:

Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 14.31.14.png

Let's say my previous menu look like this:

When I use the feature I would be send back to:

It would be even more important if there isn't the previous hostname website shown in my previous menu.

I could think of a few ways to make that possible:
- a shortcut (maj + cmd + left arrow) or another shortcut with the click on previous button
- group the previous link by hostname when we do a right click on the previous button (like that I wont have link to the same host name in the menu)
- Add as the last item of the previous menu a "link to the previous website" if there isn't a link like that among the suggested one.

Thanks for reading and thanks for this browser.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves

Some websites use auto-redirect or whatever and make "Go back one page" fail to go back to the previous website (e.g. search engine) no matter how many times one clicked or keyed. This suggested feature will be very useful!

Not applicable

working on an addon which can provide this function  ... might take me some time